Pool Care

How to treat your pool with chemicals

Owning a swimming pool is brilliant – as the weather gets warmer, having that big body of water sat outside to jump into is incredibly tempting. However to keep your swimming pool functioning and clean can be confusing; which chemicals do you need to treat your pool and keep it safe to swim in? Sanitizers … Read More

Top tips for DIY Pool Care

The summer months are here and your swimming pool is undoubtedly looking very inviting as the weather warms up. To ensure that you can keep using it throughout the summer then we have put together our top tips for DIY pool care to keep your pool looking clean and fresh… 1) Create a pool schedule … Read More

How to drain your pool correctly

Draining your pool is the one task that every swimming pool owner dreads. It is a very time-consuming process and can be very costly; however, while it should always be a last resort, sometimes there is no other option, and draining the pool is the only way to solve a major problem. If you need … Read More


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