How to treat your pool with chemicals

Owning a swimming pool is brilliant – as the weather gets warmer, having that big body of water sat outside to jump into is incredibly tempting. However to keep your swimming pool functioning and clean can be confusing; which chemicals do you need to treat your pool and keep it safe to swim in?

These chemicals are designed to specifically clean your pool and keep it healthy for you to swim in. It typically comes in two formats either a liquid form which you add to the chlorinator or a powdered form which you can simply add directly to the water along with Cyanuric acid.

Over time, swimming pool water becomes stagnant. Bacteria and fungus starts to grow and make your pool smell. That is why you need to add oxidizers to your pool in order to stop these from growing. Oxidizers also help to increase the chlorine levels in your water and acts as an additional secondary sanitizer.

pH Level Balancers
Depending on how you filled your pool up, your water will likely be either hard or soft. This is decided on the presence of mineral salts – so every few weeks you need to test the pH level of your water. If you notice that the alkalinity is either too high or low, then balance it out using the pH level balancers. There are lots of different brands and choices on the market so do your research and make sure you select the right one.

Extra Additives
Chemicals can only help to keep your pool and water clean to a certain point, to ensure you are always enjoying the best quality water possible you should make sure you are adding extra additives such as algaecides, water filter cleaners and clarifier. These help to support the other chemicals and keep the water as healthy as possible!


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