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Pool Service

C.M. Custom Pool Design also provides reliable, individualized pool service and repair in Flagler and Volusia counties.

We take pool maintenance seriously: upkeep is an integral component in retaining the beauty and health of your swimming pool and spa. Freelance pool maintainers come and go, but their work is not backed up by the integrity and dependability of an established company like C.M. Custom Pools. Those who build pools from the ground up understand the basic workings of a pool and will pinpoint problems intuitively and economically. Contact us for a free estimate on servicing or repairing your pool in Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, or other Daytona Beach areas. Years in this business have built up a long list of references if you require them.


Common Pool Problems and Solutions

1. Why is my pump so noisy?

The reason a pump starts getting noisy after awhile is that the bearings in the pump are going bad. It is about time to think about putting in a new motor and pump seal. The motor in your pump could last another year or another day. There is no way to tell until it just stops working. So just be ready.

2. My light doesn’t work?
First, check to see if the inside of your light looks black. If so, your bulb is bad. Pools take a special 12 volt bulb and a lot of times the seals around the light are bad and this ruins the bulb. This is easily fixed by one of our service techs. However, if your light is not black you could have a more serious problem. One of our service professionals would be glad to help you find the solution

3. Is my pool leaking?
There a many factors when it comes to the water in your pool. If you have numerous waterfalls and it is the dry season, you could lose up to ¾ an inch a day. Try shutting off all the water features and see if that helps. I f that does not you probably have a leak somewhere in your pool or spa. We can send out our leak specialist to do a complete leak check on your system.

4. I don’t think my heater is working?
First, make sure you check and make sure you have gas and that it is on if you have a gas heater if you have no lights on anywhere and the pilot light is lit, you may have an internal problem. If it is an electric heater, check your beakers first. Then give us a call at C.M. Custom Pool Designs if it is still not working.

5. I don’t think my salt chlorinator is working?
First, check your salt level in your pool. Too much salt or too little will not let the system work. All systems are different but you typically want your PPM (parts per million) at 3000. Inspect your salt cell – if there is any scaling on the cell you should clean it with an acid solution (30 percent acid to 70 percent water) and soak cell until the scaling is gone. Also, if your filter is dirty, your flow switch could not be triggered, so check that as well. The salt cell only has a life of around four years so if it’s been that long you may need a replacement.


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