How to drain your pool correctly

Draining your pool is the one task that every swimming pool owner dreads. It is a very time-consuming process and can be very costly; however, while it should always be a last resort, sometimes there is no other option, and draining the pool is the only way to solve a major problem.

If you need to drain your pool and are wondering where to begin, we have put together our quick guide to help you:

  • The first step is to insert the ‘female’ end of the hose to the nearest outside tap, keeping plenty of spare hose in between the tap and pool.
  • Place the other end of the hose into the pool, where it should ideally be flat on the bottom.
  • Turn the tap on and allow water to run through for one minute.
  • Close the tap to cut the water supply.
  • As fast as possible, remove the female end of the hose and quickly twist the end so that no water leaks.
  • Swiftly move to the area you are planning to drain the pool (make sure there’s enough space to absorb the full body of water!).
  • Undo the twist you made in the end and let the water flow freely, periodically keeping an eye on it to ensure that there are no problems.

Some larger pools have been built with a drainage solution already, and you can empty the pool much faster. Before you do decide to drain your pool, you should consult with the professionals first. They might be able to advise a solution to your problem that does not require drainage or help you drain the pool – saving you the effort of doing so yourself.


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