Pool Construction

Pool Construction

We have broken down the construction process into 14 phases. This is to help you better understand what is going on in your backyard. Also, keep in mind that there are inspections that need to be performed by the city in between some of the phases. Our average construction time is six to eight weeks from the moment we dig the hole until there is water in your pool. We will do all that we can to make your construction process a pleasant experience.

Phase 1

Layout, dig, and steel

First, our excavation crew will stake out the pool in your yard, The pool will be laid out a little larger than on the plot plans. This allows room for the concrete and steel. At this point heavy equipment will need to get into your yard and dig out the pool. Steel bars will then be placed in the walls, floor and beam of the pool.

Phase 2

Gunite shell

Gunite is the type of concrete that is applied to the walls to form your pool. You will now be able to see your pool start to take shape.

Phase 3

Pregrade dirt

Once the shell has set, the forms will be taken off and a rough grade for the deck will be done around the pool.

Phase 4


At this stage all of the plumbing lines will be installed and equipment will be set and pressure tested

Phase 5


Using the materials you have selected, we will install the tile and/or steps at this stage.

Phase 6

Deck form & pour

The deck will now be formed and prepped for the installation of the rough deck. This is also the time for termite spray. If you have a bond you will need to notify your bond company. If not, let us know and we will set up the spray. The deck will then be poured.

Phase 7

Electric hook-up

Our licensed electricians will install all the wiring that runs from the pumps, heaters, timers, pool lights, and controls. They will need access to your control panel at this phase. This phase is not always done in this order.

Phase 8

Deck topping

Depending on what type of deck you selected, this is time that the pavers will be set or acrylic sprayed. You will start to see your pool really come together.

Phase 9


If you are getting a screen enclosure for your pool it will be installed after the deck is complete.

Phase 10


At this stage your pool will be cleaned out of all debris and prepared for plaster.

Phase 11


The plaster crew will now apply the interior shell finish to your pool. After they are complete they will start filling your pool with water.

Phase 12

Add water

When the plaster crew leaves your pool will be filling with water. Make sure you don’t turn it off until the pool is full past the tile line.

Phase 13

Final grade dirt

During this phase a final clean up will be preformed, removing any left over construction material in the yard. Your yard will then be graded and leveled using the remaining dirt on the site.

Phase 14

Pool school and ENJOY!

At this point we will start up the pool equipment and make sure everything is in working order. We will also instruct you on the proper use of the equipment and how to properly maintain your swimming pool. Finally it’s all up to you to ENJOY!

Any changes to the pool or extras added during the construction process that are not on the construction agreement must be paid for prior to the plaster phase of construction.


Building such high quality pools is only possible because we’re commited to quality & we absolutley love what we do…


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