Pool Design

Pool Design

Add beauty and functionality to your outdoor spaces with a wide variety of optional design features.

Pool Water Features

Pool deck jets create a graceful arc of water that enters your pool with a gentle splash. You can install one or several jets to enhance the look and functionality of your pool, they are both beautiful and a big hit with kids. And, because C.M. Custom Pools installs your deck jets flush with the surface of your pool deck, the streams seem to appear magically.

Laminar jets are a combination of a deck jet with integrated LED lights, so you have all of the daytime beauty and fun of a deck jet with the addition of a dazzling color effect at night. Laminar jets also have a thumper option to make the color effects vibrate even more intensely, an effect which has to be seen to be believed.

Rainfall Effects

Add beauty and tranquility to your pool with the sight and sound of gently falling water. The rainfall effect projects water that looks and sounds like a spring shower.

Swimming pool sconces often feature animal heads including fish, lions, and gargoyles. They are an elegant architectural detail even when off, and when turned on the gentle sound of water splashing transforms your pool into a classical fountain. C.M. Custom Pools offers nearly 50 different sconce designs each available in seven finishes for the perfect finishing touch to your swimming pool.

Waterfalls can help transformyour pool into a romantic oasis, a playful family water park, or a breathtaking focal point of your backyard retreat. Pool waterfalls are one of the most popular pool water features C.M. Custom Pools installs. The sheet waterfall, often known as a sheer descent, creates an almost silent, glass-like sheet of water which projects away from the pool wall.

C.M. Custom Pools specializes in natural stone pool features, including waterfalls, planters, and koi ponds. These pool features add natural beauty as well as a relaxing visual and auditory element to your pool environment. Waterfalls made of beautiful stone take your pool from basic to extraordinary. Koi ponds add that extra special design element to your home or business and are enjoyable for nature lovers of all ages.

Decorative Features

C.M. Custom Pool Designs will integrate whimsical, classical, nautical, or modern mosaic tile inlays into your swimming pool design. The entire pool surface can be comprised of a variety of sizes of tiles made from glass, porcelain, terracotta, ceramic, or other materials.

Give us an image you like and we can translate it to a mosaic tile design or mural for your pool area. There is also an abundance of pre-designed mosaic accents from which you can choose – aquatic creatures, logos, words, numbers, and more! Not sure what type of mosaic would look best with your custom pool design vision? C.M. Custom is not just a pool builder – we are also artists when it comes to mosaics.

We use mosaic tiles by Artistry in Mosaics (www.artistryinmosaics.com) and Custom Mosaics (www.custommosaicsinc.com) to maintain the highest level of quality for your mosaic designs. These tile designs are maintenance free and stand up all changes in temperature including frost. Contact us today for a free estimate on the beautiful custom pool design of your dreams and let us add a dose of color and fun with mosaic tiles.

Accent tiles work transforms an ordinary pool wall with a few decorative pieces of tile to make it stand out. Typically these tiles are very simple but very attractive to the eye, making your wall a central focus of the pool. C.M. Custom Pools includes accent tile work with any raised wall.

Another very popular tile choice is glass tile, which gives a transparent look. Glass tile can be used for an accent wall or for the entire pool.

Structural Features

Full Beach Entry – A true beach entry typically goes from the deck level to the shallow end of the pool. Unfortunately for most pools this requires tremendous yard space.

Partial Beach Entry – A more typical beach entry installation is the partical beach entry, slowly descends from your deck elevation to the second or third step, and then continues in steps to the full depth of the pool.

Both kinds of beach entry are great for families with young children, allowing the children to enjoy the pool in relative safety.

Your own swim up pool bar or table is always great addition to your pool – they add quite a bit of time you can spend in the pool, relaxing with family and friends over drinks, snacks, and conversation.

C.M. Custom Pools can install a pool bar in your existing pool, or design one into a new pool. They can be customized any way you can imagine. Please call (386) 615-7425 or use our contact form if you would like a free estimate on your own pool bar or table.

A sun shelf is simply an oversized top or second step, the perfect depth for lounge chairs as well as babies and toddlers. Typically, a sun shelf has a bubbler installed which can also double as an umbrella stand. Often, sun shelves are the perfect spot too for adecorative mosiac.

Recreational Features

Go one-one-one or get your team together for a fun basketball shootout in your pool. Develop new shots like the splash dunk against a regulation backboard. And if you are in a mellower mood, our basketball nets can be removable.

Because of high insurance premiums associated with diving boards, many people prefer to install a dive rock. A dive rock is a strategically placed landscape rock which can be used for jumping or diving into the deep end of the pool, and also provides an attractive focal point.

Why play a hot and sandy game of volleyball at the beach? Our pool volleyball nets are easily removable between games or between seasons.

Pool Decking

The most econmical choice for your pool deck is acrylic finish, which consists of approximately 1/8 inch thick coating of acrylic. Most pool companies will use a water-based acrylic, which is much less durable. C.M. Custom Pools always uses a true resin-based two part acrylic finish. Our standard finish for acrylic pool decking is a hand-troweled knock-down finish with a concrete stain color coating applied on top. It is also available with a speckled or full coverage finish which incorporates a base color and a misting of accent colors.

There are many design options associated with acrylic, including:
• Faux tile finishes
• Faux diamond finishes
• Borders and edging
• Faux cobblestone
• Faux natural stone
• ..and many other choices

Flagstone is a natural stone quarried from all around the world. It is often used for pool decking because it offers the lowest maintenance and longest lifespan of any pool decking option. Flagstone is available in numerous colors, shapes, and sizes.
Flagstone is generally the most expensive pool decking option because of the high shipping costs and the amount of labor and artistry involved in creating a beautiful pool deck.

Paver pool decks are very popular, and are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They come in two thicknesses – one inch pavers are generally used for remodeling over an existing pool deck, and two and half inch pavers are used for building a pool deck from scratch. In the case of a new pool deck, C.M. Custom Pools hand-lay the pavers over a layer of crushed concrete road base and typically uses a brick coping for the pool edge.

Stamped concrete is an excellent alternative to pavers or plain concrete, allowing you to customize your indoor or outdoor flooring in a variety of ways.

Some examples of stamped and decorative concrete finishes include:
• Acid stained concrete
• Water colored concrete
• Chemical stains
• Stamped inlays (adding a feature to existing concrete)
• Stamped overlays (adding a layer of decorative concrete over your existing concrete)

Travertine is a natural cut stone, mined in a similar way to granite. It is the most expensive and attractive paver decking, but very limited in color choices – there are only three or four different color options. Pool travertine is approximately one inch thick so it is excellent for remodeling or installing over existing concrete. Of course, it is also a great choice for new pool construction.

In addition to more traditional surfacing including tile, natural stone, pavers, and stamped concrete, C.M. Custom Pools is proud to install rubber surfacing for pool, porch, or play areas. Manufactured by RubberDek, our rubber surfacing provides a safe and comfortable area for your family to enjoy, and is extremely durable and long-lasting.


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