Essential equipment all pool owners should own

Owning a swimming pool can be a lot of fun, particularly over the next few months when the weather starts to heat up. Jumping into that cool water is incredibly refreshing – however there is nothing more frustrating than on a hot day finding your pool water is stagnant or unusable.

So to ensure that you can keep using your swimming pool all year round, we have put together a list of the most essential equipment that all pool owners should have…

  • Nets

A net is one of the most important tools that every pool owner needs. It is by far the easiest way to remove any debris from the surface of the water and keep your pool clean.

  • Brush

Sometimes your pool tiles and floor can become dirty and full of slime and algae on their surface – a heavy duty brush is perfect for cleaning these and keeping your pool looking its best.

  • Pool Pump

This is arguably the most crucial piece of equipment that any pool owner can have. The pool pump will keep your pool clean and fresh.

  • Pool Filter

Equally a good pool filter is also vital to keeping your pool fresh and clean. Working in conjunction with the pump, it helps to keep water moving whilst filtering out any unwanted debris

  • Pool vacuum

Designed specifically for swimming pools, these vacuum cleaners save owners having to put in manual effort and are able to clean your entire pool – including dirt on the bottom!

  • Pool heater

If you are planning on using your pool throughout the year, then investing in a pool heater will help to keep the water at a comfortable temperature even in the winter!


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