Top tips to consider when building a swimming pool

Just moved into a new home? Looking to give your garden a makeover? With the summer months just around the corner, many home owners will be looking to build their dream swimming pool in their back yard.

So if that sounds like you, we’ve put together our top tips for building the perfect pool…

Keep it simple!
Whilst you might be picturing a stunningly lavish pool in a unique shape and one with water features and stone walls… these are incredible expensive and difficult to construct. There is a reason why so many pools are a simple shape such as rectangle and squares!

By keeping it a regular boxed shape design, you will have the option to use a box weld liner or even a tank system; helping to reduce costs even further. Equally for ease of construction then using a one-layer, flat bottomed pool is also advised as it is a simpler dig and also easier to clean.

Don’t go too deep
Whilst you want to enjoy your pool as much as possible, depths below two metres require a lot more reinforcement so most home pools are around 1.5-2 metres deep. You should also check with a structural engineer to ensure your retaining wall is secure.

Check your placement
Before you start breaking ground, think about the location of the pool and the surrounding area. Have you got enough room for a poolside space? Is it too far from the house? Is your design too big?

Use string to scale your outline out and give you an idea of the size your pool will be.

Of course if building your own pool is too much effort, or you are not sure you have the required skills needed to do so, then speak to our experts at Blue Water Pool Supplies today who will be able to help you achieve your dream pool.


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