Volusia Pool Permits

Obtaining a Pool Permit in Volusia County, Florida

Every county in Florida as well as most cities have their own permitting system. While they may be similar, each one requires slightly different information.

In Volusia County, before starting the permit application we first verify the zoning regulation for each property individually. Volusia County requires that you make sure the swimming pool is within the setbacks zoned for that property before we build.
The Volusia County permit center also requires impact fees to be paid before acquiring the permit. Projects that are located anywhere in Volusia County and within city boundaries will be assessed a road impact fee and a school impact fee. In the unincorporated county of Volusia, impact fees are assessed for fire, local parks, and district parks. Projects in the city of DeBary, Lake Helen, Pierson, and Oak Hill will be assessed a fire impact fee for municipal funding. From time to time there are changes to fee schedules and procedures.

Download the Volusia County Residential In-Ground Swimming Pool Checklist

All permits in Volusia County require a notarized signature of the owner on all permit applications.

Each county as well as many cities have their own checklist of forms to be turned in for each permit.

Volusia County requires that the permit contains a complete application, notice of commencement, location of septic on site plans, affidavit of drainage control form, an original scaled boundary survey no more than five years old, two copies of site plans, safety act form, safety features (fence, alarm, screen), and pool plans. Additional information is sometimes requested.

If you live in a city in Volusia County such as Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Daytona Beach, Deland, or New Smyrna Beach you may be required to turn a permit into the city instead of the county.

The city permits are similar to the county permits, just turned in directly to city hall building department.

Daytona Beach requires you to go through zoning first survey – signed and sealed. Application with separate plumbing, electrical permit applications, notice of commencement, storm water waiver, architectural approval (LPGA and Pelican Bay only), two site plans, two construction plans, two anti-entrapment piping schematics (signed, sealed, dated), and two copies of pool safety forms.

Ormond Beach also requires the survey to go through zoning before going through the rest of the permitting department. They also require a building application, notice of commencement, Two signed and sealed construction documents, non-tree removal statement, two copies of the survey, pool safety form, and if applicable the screen enclosure specs.

New Smyrna Beach requires zoning, survey, contract copy, subcontractor authorization sheet, tree removal permit, NOC, Home Owner Association approval.

The average time for permitting is up to four weeks depending on the Home Owners Association or other factors. Fees differ by city.

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