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How To Use Disinfectants For Swimming Pools

When we think of disinfectants for swimming pools when we want to clean it, the first disinfectant solution that comes to mind is chlorine. Although the use of chlorine as a disinfectant for swimming pools is the most common option, there are numerous methods and products on the market with which to carry out an optimal cleaning of your pool.


When the summer season arrives, the pool becomes a meeting place where you can enjoy the high temperatures typical of this season in a fun and entertaining way. Either because of its continued use or because it has not been used for a long time, the pools become contaminated and must be properly cleaned and disinfected.

The disinfectants for swimming pools guarantee the health of all the people who use it, for that reason we must choose adequate and effective maintenance.

Continued care of our pool can avoid that we have to spend a large amount of money to make repairs that could have been avoided if we had a more comprehensive control.

One of the favorite seasons of the year arrives and we do not want to have any setbacks related to the use of the pool. Discover the importance of using disinfectants for swimming pools and forget about worries.

How To Disinfect Our Pool Step-By-Step?

#1 Empty Pool Water

Many pools during the winter stay full even if they are not used. If it is the case of yours, start emptying it, depending on the meters and the depth of the pool, it will be a more or less long process, so be patient.

#2 Clean The Walls

There are specific products and materials to disinfect the walls of the pools. Choose strong brushes that are effective when dragging dirt.

Be careful with your eyes! Avoid using soap when disinfecting the pool because it always foams. Select substances such as chlorine, acid and non-soap.

#3 Check Any Additional Damage

Once it is empty and completely clean, check for cracks or fallen tiles. If we find any damage, it is better repair it while it’s still empty. To repair the damage, choose products that are effective underwater.

#4 Prepare To Fill And Clean The Filter

It is important to use a product that prevents the green moss. To clean the filter, fill the pool to the middle of the suction mouth. Once full, we connect the filter in the washing position for a few minutes and this will be able to eliminate stagnant residues.

#5 Start Filling The Pool

Finally, start filling the pool and enjoy a refreshing dip. Remember that it is not enough to do just this. This process is only done when the pool has not been used for a long time or when the water has not changed for a long time.

Once full, you should choose the pool disinfectant products that best suit the needs of the pool to keep it clean and clear. Of course, the most popular one is chlorine.