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Should I add a pool to my home?

I’ve always had a thing for houses with pools. Ever since I was a kid, my dad used to take me to his friend’s house. It was a huge mansion but the thing that took everyone’s attention, every time, was the massive pool he had in place for his kids. Not to mention, his eldest son was a swimming champion at his school. If you are someone who is interested in building a pool at your place or looking forward to buy a house with a pool, let me help you reaffirm that thought.

Stay fit and healthy:

Swimming is one of the best activities to stay in shape. It is a healthy activity that helps you shred those unwanted pounds and keeps you active. By keeping your heart rate up, swimming helps release stress off your body. You can build your stamina and strengthen muscle power through regular swimming.

The beauty it oozes:

One way or the other, a pool does add to the beauty of a house for sure. Be it a birthday party or a barbecue dinner with friends and family, it gives you bragging rights when you are planning on hosting as event. With lights lit up at night, having a view of the pool from one of your rooms is a sight worth cherishing.

An athlete’s dream:

If you are an athlete or your kids are into sports, especially swimming, there’s no better gift for them than a swimming pool to help them practice. Hire them a coach if you can! This will not only be a morale booster for them, it will surely help them improve their game.

A cooling factor when the heat waves arrive:

When it’s hot during summers, it can surely take a toll on you. Once you’ve returned home from a hard day at work, on a hot, humid day, you would give anything to take a dip in that amazingly cool pool of yours. As soothing as the water feels at that time, you are bound to leave all your stress away.

Adds to your property value:

If you are looking for a massive increase in your property value by building a pool, I would ask you to hold that thought. Your property value depends on multiple factors and a pool could be one of those factors, but it won’t be a major game-changer. Still, if your house is located in a good neighbourhood and your house oozes class, you will definitely find potential buyers who are actually looking for a house with a pool.

With everything said, the perks of owning a pool are quite lovely but you need to take good care of your pool to make sure it stays that way. Regular maintenance of your pool is a must. If you leave your pool unattended, it won’t be that much fun after a while.