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Post-Storm Pool Care

A storm can spring up unexpectedly and wreak havoc on your pool at any time and place, but at no time is this more obvious than during hurricane season. Even with careful preparation, the post-storm cleanup is no simple task. The following is a brief guide to help you get your pool back into shape after the storm has passed.

First, no matter how bad it might look, DO NOT empty the pool. It is appropriate to lower the water level in your pool to the mid skimmer to allow your skimmer to aid in cleaning the surface of the pool.

Next, remove heavy debris from the pool as expediently as possible to reduce the chance of staining or other damage.
Large pieces of debris such as tree branches or limbs or household objects can be removed by hand, followed by a pool rake or skimmer net to clean out smaller debris. Be as thorough as possible prior to running the pools vacuum system to avoid clogging and damaging the vacuum system itself.

When all debris has been removed, it’s time to inspect your pool’s electrical system. It’s important that all electrical components are allowed to completely dry – a minimum of 24 hours – before restoring the power to the system. If you were unable to remove the electrical equipment prior to the storm, or if there is any suspected damage to the electrical system, it will be necessary to have the system inspected by your pool service provider or an electrician before reconnecting the power. In this case, you will need to manually clean your pool.

If you have been able to restore power in a timely fashion, your next step will be to allow the skimmer to help clean the surface of the pool. While the filtration system is running, perform a thorough cleaning. Brush the walls to remove any contaminants, being sure not to miss spots such as the stairs, corners, or ladders. If you have an automatic pool cleaner, it can take some of the burden off you by handling this step. Lastly, vacuum the pool to remove any last debris and contaminants that remain on the pool floor.

When the water is free from debris, clean your pump basket and skimmer baskets to increase the effectiveness of the chemicals you’ll be adding.

Shock the pool as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer, then test the water and balance the water chemistry as you normally would. Do not allow anyone to enter the pool for at least 48 hours after the shock has been performed. Allow the filtration system to run continuously (24 hours per day) until the water becomes clear, and then reset the timer to return to a normal daily schedule.