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Pool Chemicals for Dummies

When it comes to pool care most of us rely on a professional service for regular cleanup and maintenance,  but there are some instances when people like to take care of it themselves, in order to save some extra cash. Well, all of it is well and good until you mix up those chemicals. CM Custom Pool Designs, who are a pool design and maintenance firm, cares about those pools and what happens to them. Which is why, before you go ahead and take care of your pool maintenance yourself, there are some things that you need to know.

  1. Sanitizers

These chemicals are responsible for keeping your pool water clean and healthy for its users. If you are about to use it in your pool, you need to make sure you know how to use it properly. If it is a liquid it’s added to the chlorinator but if it’s in the powdered form it can be directly added to the pool water along with Cyanuric acid which acts as a chlorine stabilizer.

  1. Oxidizers

Pool water is generally stagnated which is why over time bacteria and fungus starts to take a toll on your pool. Oxidizers are added to the pool water to eliminate such elements completely. Not only do they kill algae, they also increase the chlorine levels of the pool water. Oxidizers are also known as secondary sanitizers, so while cleaning up your pool do not forget to add oxidizers to the water.

  1. pH Level Balancers

Depending on the source of your water supply, the water can be hard or soft due to the presence of mineral salts, which is why every two to three weeks you need to test your pool’s water for its pH levels. If the alkalinity of the water is too high or too low, in order to balance it you need to add pH level balancers. There are several kinds of balancers available in the market, so while you are selecting one, you need to be sure of the existing quality of your pool water.

  1. Extra Additives

In order to maintain the quality of your pool and its water apart from the usual chemicals, you need to add certain extra additives such as algaecides, water filter cleaners, clarifier etc. These additives are necessary because they support other chemicals in doing their job properly, so whenever you are trying to clean your pool, you should not forget to add these extra chemicals as necessary to keep your pool at it’s healthiest and cleanest.