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Inspiring Pool Design Trends Of 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, we’ve brought a list of some of the most popular design ideas of the year to inspire you as you plan (or perhaps just daydream) about that pool makeover you’ve got your heart set on when the open season arrives!

1) Go Bold With Color

Gone are the days of standard one-shade-fits-all sea blue pool colors. Think about transforming your space with darker, bolder colors such as azure, cobalt, or dark green. Not only can this provide a dramatic lagoon effect, but these colors also amp up your relaxation value. If a full refinish isn’t a leap you want to take, or isn’t within your budget, consider adding the more luxurious colors to accent pieces instead.

2) Decorative Mosaics

Walls, medallions, and even walkways can be transformed with decorative mosaics. With practically unlimited design options, this is an effective way to enhance your outdoor areas and show off your own personal sense of style. Consider textures like pebbles or stones, polished glass, or more traditionally styled tiles.

3) Hydrotherapy

Swimming and water therapy provide unique health benefits, especially those with limited mobility. In modern pools, the water jets are being installed within the pool itself, rather than a separate spa like in the past. Now you can get a great swim workout, then relax with a hydrotherapy session without ever even leaving the pool.

4) Smart Pools

Tech products aren’t only making life easier inside our homes, we can enjoy them in our pools now as well. Use your smartphone to control your automated pool system’s filter, cover, temperature, lighting, or even fountain features right from your most comfortable deck chair. Now that’s relaxation!

5) Light It Up

LED lighting can be easily added even to your existing pool area to provide a safer, more welcoming, personalized space that you can enjoy long into the night. Walkways, pool interiors, outdoor dining areas, and even shrubbery can be enhanced. Add color to the mix for a funky, fun atmosphere, or keep it mellow with a classic and elegant approach.