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How to Get Rid of Leaves Dirt On the Swimming Pool

A swimming pool in your garden is an exclusive luxury that you can fully enjoy. Now that the summers seem to be getting longer and warmer. After a long hectic day at the office, it is beautiful to relax on the edge of your swimming pool with your feet in the cold water.

Maybe, watch your children romp in the pool within the safety of your garden. However, how do you ensure that your swimming pool remains that great looking? How do you prevent it from becoming a green concrete pond? This article will help on your way to avoid leaves on your swimming pool.

Once the fall begins, the use of your outdoor pool drops. You often have a lot of maintenance work. The swimming pool fills itself in the fall with the fallen leaves of the trees. Those leaves are tough to scoop out of the pool.However, the solution is simple: place your winter sail on time.

A winter sail/cover reduces the dirt in your swimming pool. It has several advantages:

  • Avoid leaves in the pool
  • Simplifies the start-up of the swimming pool in the spring
  • Extra safety in the winter months
  • With a winter cover, you reduce the number of leaves in the pool, but if you confirm the winter cover over the pool in time.

A winter sail saves you a lot of time when you prepare your swimming pool for the summer. Because less winter gets into the pool thanks to the winter sail, you have to create less dirt, use fewer products, etc. The water is clear in no time in the spring.

Finally, a winter sail also offers extra safety. Not that you can lie on it for hours, but if someone falls into the pool in the winter then the winter cover breaks the fall, you can quickly get out of the pool. So you don’t fall into the cold water.

How to attach a winter sail

To connect the sail, the sail must be larger than the swimming pool itself. The standard margin is 50 cm: Only change the margin when it is necessary due to upright, stationary elements around the swimming pool (e.g., wall, shower, terrace elevation, etc.)

You should attach the sail along with pickets and stretchers. Then, you tie the straps to the eyes on the side of the sail. You then stretch the stretcher up to the post that you attached to the ground or the joints of your terrace. When tensioning your winter sail, you must alternately attach a picket to the left and right. This way, the tension is evenly distributed over the sail. Only do the short sides when the long sides are fully tensioned.

Best Tips:

It saves you a lot of time if you can make sure there are no deciduous trees and shrubs near the pool. So keep this in mind when designing your garden. Birds, animals, and leaves are the most junk in the swimming pool. Prevent contamination of the pool by covering the pool with a first sail after use.

Have you prepared your swimming pool for summer? Let us know in the comment below!