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How Is Spa Installation Carried Out?

Finally, you are making the big move to own your very own spa, but, you are lost on how the installation process should go. Well, what’s CM Custom Pool designs here for, if not to help with the whole process.

However, when you are ready for your spa Installation in Ormond Beach, FL, you may as well select between two options. They are:

  • Install it all by yourself, or;
  • Let CM Custom pool designs do the job

Nevertheless, you will need to get prepared thoroughly for spa installation. With CM Custom pool designs, we will surely strengthen the foundation underneath your tub and install an additional socket.

We will be giving you a quick tour of how best we can carry out your spa installation in Ormond Beach, FL.

What To Know About CM Custom Pool Designs

Before, we delve into the installation process for your spa. It is best to know just a little about us, or you can visit our website.

However, we are a company that takes complete pride in the quality of our spa installation. Our aim at all times is customer satisfaction. This is a company that has been in existence since 1971.

As for the services we have to render to you, they include:

  • Creating, enhancing and maintaining your spa
  • Constructing natural ponds
  • Sales and the installation of Caldera and Fantasy spas, and so much more.

The Installation Process

Before we install your Spa, we must determine and tackle a specific number of things such as:

  • We will have to determine if you are installing your spa inside or outside
  • We have to make sure the foundation the spa will be resting on is Saturday and leveled.
  • We will have to make sure that your electrical connections are secure and sufficient enough
  • We will have to ensure that you have a very convenient water source right at your disposal for filling purposes.

For your interior spa installation at Ormond Beach, FL, some conditions actually have to be met. It goes thus:

For us to install your spa inside the home, there will have to be more than enough space to, first of all, transport the spa inside.

It is vital because the dimensions of a normal spa do not allow such. And, the spa cannot be dismantled nor can it fit through the standard doorway. Also, you will need a level and firm foundation which the hot tub will rest on.

This is vital because, when the hot tub is full, it can weigh between one thousand and two thousand five hundred kg. However, it relies on the model you want.

Furthermore, there should be enough ventilation as it is an extra point of attention. You will get to understand that the utilization of a spa creates lots of humidity. A good ventilation system will be useful in getting the humidity out of your room.

Nevertheless, we will be looking at all that is needed to install your spa outside. Note that this does not necessarily mean that you will only get to use the hot tub during warmer months.

Bear in mind that the spas from CM custom pool designs are not seasonal products as they can be used all through the year. When we install your spa outside, we tend to consider some things. They include:

We will have to place the spa very close to the house. This is because the proximity of a hot tub to the home is going to determine how much time the spa will be used.

In cold seasons, no one wants to actually walk a long distance to get into this hot tub. Also, we will not be installing the spa under tress because of the leaves and birds. They tend to give extra maintenance work.

Furthermore, we will be installing either a windshield or a shed as it aids in decreasing the hot tub’s exposure to wind and weather. Also, this will further reduce the maintenance and exploitation cost.

Other Things To Be Considered

There are some other things you will need to consider when carrying out a spa installation in Ormond Beach, FL. They include:

  • In-built Spas

For those who are interested in installing their spa into the ground or a cement patio, it is vital to ensure that the spa’s tool panel is not blocked.

It is vital because you will have to both services and maintain the spa. Note that all spas have unique doors, panels, or hatches to make repairs possible.

  • Accessibility

Here, the dimensions like we mentioned earlier should be kept in mind when you are installing your spa. If the installation site is very easy to access, and with wide doors, spa installation will be straightforward.

However, if your installation site is barely accessible, the spa will need to be living over your home. A crane will be needed.

  • The foundation

It does not matter where you want to place the hot tub; all that is needed is that the site can actually support the weight of the tub, water, and people inside. Its base should not be strong alone, but, plain, equalized, and leveled.

You are to avoid any form of movement or alteration of the foundation as we install your spa. A tiled floor will actually do if it is placed properly. Note that wooden decks are not ideal.

This is because it can actually amplify the hot tub’s vibration. As for concrete, it offers the strongest foundation ever. Attention should be paid to the surface all around the spa.

You are to do this so that it does not get very slippery when water spills all over the edge of your spa.

  • The electrical wiring

This has got to do with your safety and to avoid overloading the grid. Always ensure that your spa should be connected to roughly two power generators that have been grounded separately.

Also, they must have fuses of about sixteen or twenty amp. Or, it can be one generator of twenty-five amp. The fact remains that a spa may demand so much power some times. However, the requirements for power may differ from each model.

Wrapping It Up

For the best spa installation in Ormond Beach, FL, CM  custom pool designs are ever ready to take all your orders with expert care.

We have professionals who will cater to how you want your spa installed.