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Great Renovation Ideas For Your Pool

The winter months mean your pool is likely to be much less of a focus. Many people change to a low maintenance schedule, and begin to use the pool much less frequently, if at all. The cooler weather and reduced traffic during the off-season, however, is a great reason why it’s the perfect time to consider a few renovation ideas to ensure your pool and surrounding area will be in the best possible condition for the start of the next season.

You’ve already invested in your pool, so you probably know that in addition to providing countless hours of enjoyment for your family, a pool is also a financial benefit to the value of your property – so it’s important to keep it maintained to protect that investment. Here are a few suggestions on how you can keep your pool living up to it’s full potential.

  • Resurfacing
    • If your pool is showing signs of it’s age, or perhaps has suffered some wear and tear, you may have surface stains, a rough or uneven texture, or even minor leaks. Resurfacing could address these issues, or even prevent these issues if you don’t currently have them. Generally speaking, a pool should be resurfaced every 5 to 7 years. Though it’s not necessarily a cheap investment, it is an investment that serves a practical purpose of maintaining the life of your pool as well as improving the aesthetic. Concrete pools have a vast array of design options available, including color, texture, and light reflection options. Vinyl lined pools can easily be changed to a completely new look with the installation of a new liner.
  • Modification
    • Another major pool renovation to consider is a modification to the shape or purpose of your pool. Adding walk in stairs or a shallow area are simple ideas to transform your pool and are probably more cost – friendly than you would expect. The addition of a spa will give you new reasons to enjoy the pool, and incorporating other water features such as a waterfall or fountain can completely change the atmosphere of your pool area.
  • Equipment Upgrades
    • A practical renovation idea to consider is upgrading your pool equipment. Options to consider could be upgrading to more energy – efficient equipment such as solar powered heaters, lights, or new filters. A variable speed pump can potentially save up to 75% in energy costs. Changing to a salt water system provides benefits such as water that is less harsh and more enjoyable to swim in, relieves you of the need to store and handle chlorine, and are typically cheaper to maintain than traditional systems.
  • Automated Systems
    • Technology is always evolving, and this is true even in the case of pool systems. An automated system provides the ability to schedule and operate filtration cycles, heating, lights, water features, covers, and more. This means much less time you’ll need to be spend maintaining your pool, and much more time to enjoy it instead.
  • Fencing
    • Pool fencing is a safety necessity. Adding fencing or changing the fencing you currently have can provide a new look for the entire pool area, as well as adding better security, and even increase your privacy in the pool area.
  • Landscaping
    • Changing or adding landscaping to the pool area is another popular and relatively inexpensive way to transform your backyard space. Choose a variety of  plants, trees, rocks, and pathways to match any style, and create the type of space you’ve been dreaming of. Be sure to select plants that are pool – friendly and appropriate for the temperatures and conditions in your region – the possibilities are endless! Add lighting to the area for added safety and atmosphere.

Whether you are aiming for reduced workload, cost effective upgrades, preventative maintenance, or simply meeting a desire to change the look and feel of your pool area, choosing one (or even several) of these options that meet your budget now will allow you to start the next swimming season with an exciting and transformed space you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.